Shaneika Johnson-Simms

What can't you leave the house without: My note books and muji 0.38 black gel pen. what advice would you give your younger self Focus on yourself and don't seek approval, it's overrated. Describe your role at Asare simms I communicate to others through words which involves writing scripts, treatments, emails and articles/features for leading Lines.
As long as I continue to create work from the deepest depths of my soul, it can never be seen as a fail, at least to me.

Favourite apps:


Overcast, pocket and of course, YouTube.

Personal journey:


I started writing scripts when I was 13 then started teaching myself about the film industry online (mostly  about screenwriting). I downloaded Final Draft and wrote a bunch of scripts just to be able to print it out in the school library and have a tangible copy in my hand. I briefly made YouTube videos to practice my writing and preforming skills. I would analyse the feedback in the comment section and take request. It made me feel like I hand my own slot on a TV channel and it gave me something to look forward to, especially during the weekend and school breaks. I attended stage school for several years and turned my attention to practical filmmaking in college and university.


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