Producing coming-of-age films with homegrown talent, Asare Simms sets foot to portray a veracious experience of childhood and adolescence.


The opportunity to test out narratives with sheer will and passion is our definition of fillmaking. Some films are commissions and others were made without a soul telling us to make them.

Spotlight film: To dear Charlie

To dear Charlie is a fictional characters' open letter shot under the backdrop of London.

Dir Shaneika Johnson-Simms
DP Raphael Boamah-Asare


With share our lessons learned and advice from our creative friends with the aim to champion all on a creative journey.

First commission after university

Being proactive is a trait that will always serve you well in the creative industry. At Asare Simms we are constantly creating our own opportunities (through developing our branding, creating new projects and allowing ourselves the time to learn more about our field, programmes and techniques.)



Raphael Boamah-Asare and Shaneika Johnson-Simms

Founded in 2014 we are hands on, DIY filmmakers creating films that fall under the narrative realism scope. [Read more]