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3 health tips to unlock your creativity by Mother Mary

Mary McMillan
As creatives, we all know it’s easy to forget the world outside our inspiration bubble. Time passes quickly, and before you know it the last time you refuelled was hours ago and rest is much needed. What if I told you there were simple tips to ensure your body/mind stay clear & strong throughout your busy day? Here are 3 simple tips to ensure success and endurance as you embark on your creative expression.

1. Hydration Jug of water with Mother Mary handamde lip balm and Revival Remedy spray.1. HYDRATION
Firstly, AGUA! Ever heard that saying — Water is life? It’s true! Staying on top of your hydration is crucial — did you know the human body is made-up of 60% H2O? Water is the building material for all our cells, it forms saliva, lubricates joints and regulates body temperature. Being the vital ingredient for life, we must ensure we always have enough. Drink around 1.5 L per day (this includes herbal teas) and always drink before you feel thirsty. Spice up your water game by adding sliced fruit, cucumber, mint and/or herbal extractions!

“Prioritise your heath- it’s your wealth!” — Mother Mary

2. Eat well

What we put in our body affects our mind. Have you ever eaten a super heavy meal & felt mentally bogged down for hours after? That’s because food is our fuel and we use it as nutrients for every cell in our body. Eating fresh heathy alive foods will make us feel our best, thus our creativity will be flourishing as well! It’s important we are feeding ourselves properly even when in a rush-that essay/photo shoot/meeting will go a lot better if you aren’t feeling malnourished! Make sure you’re eating whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies, herbs/spices and seasonal throughout the year. Minimise the foods that give you brain fog or any digestive complaints, and avoid sugar during the work day.

3. Rest

Sleep sleep sleep! It is essential. Our bodies (and minds!) need proper rest daily. Uninterrupted, deep, restorative dream-time is so important for us all. So get to bed! Sleeping a minimum of 6 hours a night will give you the regeneration you need to keep up with your creative and business endeavours. Turn off electronics at least an hour before bed, brew a cup of Chamomile or Valerian tea, read a book and get cozy! Practicing a few gentle yoga poses can be a great way to wind down as well.

So there you have it! Basic tips, all within our reach, to maximise our creative success. Treat your body with love and kindness and see how your life changes!

Written by Mary McMillan

Photo of Mother Mother taken by Raphael Boamah-Asare

About the writer
Mary McMillan is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Herbal Medicine lover, writer and creator of the skin care line, Mother Mary which focuses on natural handmade herbal products fit for modern life.

E-mail: mothermaryherbal@gmail.com

Instagram: @mothermaryherbal