Specialising in producing coming of age films with homegrown talent, Asare Simms sets foot to portray a veracious experience of childhood and adolescence.

Founded in 2014, Raphael Boamah-Asare and Shaneika Johnson-Simmsteamed up after training as hands on, DIY filmmakers, creating films and experimenting with narratives with cinema cameras, DSLRs and smart phones.

With their work being screened across the UK, Europe and North America and being nominated for Best Drama, Asare Simms are focused on collaborating with emerging artist and leading brands such as Blackfish Collective, K the Infinite, The British Journal of Photography, AFROPUNK, UAL who wants to create creative content which a cinematic edge.

Alongside their collaborations Asare Simms are building their slate of original films ranging on topics that fall under the narrative realism scope.