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After the 2012 olympic games East London returns back to normal.

This part of London has a special place in my heart. My younger days remind me of the bright colours of the toys on the stalls where my early adulthood remembers the good times I made in the clubs and bars.

For the arrival of the worlds lense, various areas received a nice spring clean (the type of attention that is typical reserved for Westminster.) I saw the area change and turn into the shiny new toy for tourist to see the “edgy” part of the country’s capital.

Once the cameras stopped rolling, so did the attention and the area returned back into place it’s meant to be. Many see this as a sad point where I see it more positively.

Dalston is a collection of the stories of the people that call it home, a refuge — a place where they can truly be who they are meant to be.

Photography and article by Raphael Boamah-Asare